Sleet was a joke fellas

Nacho Army of Club Penguin

Alright, so as my football coach would say, “WHAT A FREAKING JOKE!”

This event was a true joke all around, but not just for us. We weren’t the joke, the Army of Club Penguin was. We had a shit size max of about 11 soldiers and it just didn’t go well. I mean, I guess you can say we were outnumbered, but I wouldn’t be quite too sure about that? ACP multilogged…badly….with…UMA’s multilogs.

So I’ve had my theories about multilogs with UMA for a long time, and their whole genius radical plan. They have a partnership with, so the chat is constantly filled with players and no one can tell who the penguins are that are logging on. It gets a bit obvious when UMA’s maxing 35 at Ausia training sessions, but I won’t go into further detail. Anyway, I see a couple consistent UMA “troops” at events for…

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