Hello Readers!

For all Water Vikings troops; please proceed to scrolling up to the top and reading the battle schedule which will contain up to date battles and training events scheduled for the upcoming days.

The Water Vikings and it’s nations believe in a fair society and wish to not force battle upon innocent armies and only to use force of hand and take up arms against another penguin if necessary.

However, this does not mean we can’t have fun? Sure, you can join an army which is war hungry and will fight anyone. We’re not exactly like that. But, we can still have friendly battles and friendly wars with armies.

If you are an army leader or and alliance with similar sizes to ours, please post message a leader on chat to schedule a battle with us, if there is no leader present then feel free to leave a comment under this post stating a suitable time, your xat ID and your army’s name/size.

You can’t make every army like you; And sooner or later war will be upon us again. So lets get our practice in.

Although we do not declare war for petty reason; we are still targeted and by all means we have had our fair share of wars.

~Hated But Rated~


Water Vikings Leader


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