March Madness Tourney – Results!

Hey-o everyone!

Today, we logged onto the server Klondike to battle RPF for March Madness. We maxed 40 Water Vikings and averaged about 35 throughout. We didn’t “officially” win according to CPAC, but as you can see below, WV had the definite upper hand in tactics, size and consistency. Great job guys, I am so proud! Click continue reading for pictures (taken by Buddy, Funks, Jared, Jack, Change, Peppy and I), to comment if you came and to hear another song! 


E+5 Shocked Faces

E+K Cakes

E+8 Ill Faces

E+Z Pizzas

H – Hello

30 WV Troops – 16 RPF Troops

E+M Money Coins

E+7 Winky Faces

E+Q Strawberry Ice Creams

27 WV Troops – 18 RPF Troops

E+7 Winky Faces


E+G Gamesticks

E+6 Tongues

E+8 and E+9 Waterfall

Rainbow – Any Tactic!


WV Hall of Screws – Champions Cup Finals, Legends Cup Finals, March Madness pre-Quarters



Ɯaтєя Ʋιкιηgѕ Lєaɗєя


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  1. we shouldve won :@

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