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I got the recipe and it’s called black magic.

Take a sip of my secret potion,
I’ll make you fall in love.
For a spell that can’t be broken,
One drop should be enough.
You belong to me,
I got the recipe
And it’s called black magic
(and it’s called black magic)

I might sound arrogant to many of you. but, face it. You all have failed. You have failed leading a CP Army lol?

Despite you show that you play fair but, you don’t.

Now after reading this UMA/NW/ACP Would be like “lol?”

UMA: “Club Penguin UMA” Isn’t blocked on CP. Learn to recruit and not to buy troops with your money.

NW: Learn to get true troops and leaders. How can Musty’s penguin log in to CP For your event even tho when he isn’t online? huh?

ACP: Stop begging UMA for troops lol.

Some people who actually played fair:












Golds Leadership

AR Leadership

Nachos Leadership

I don’t want to give a huge lecture of something. You can do and die. I don’t care about this anymore.

Special Thank(s):

Joseph: For making me realize this is a time waste

Elmikey: For making me realize people used me here lol (not saying that to you)

Waterkid: For making me realize that I can do something

DrMatt: For giving me motivation and acting like a big brother always when I needed you

Kyle: For being good boy 😉


It’s called back magic


~Flen [LM]


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