Army Changes – Meeting Review Points

Following a meeting to decide the army future, we decided that there is potential for the army to be restored to former glory and that there is no need for a lockdown. There were many points made, mainly adjusting the ranks to optimize the people remaining. The following points have been put into action:


  • Wozza has been removed from the rank as leader due to inactivity since receiving promotion – he has been demoted to 2ic.
  • Sir Pj and Buddy have this week to prove their activity and will be removed from the rank of leader if this does not change. They will be able to retake their rank after removal if they can be active again.
  • Astro/Jazz has been promoted to the rank of leader.
  • Alicia has been demoted to 2ic.
  • Jared and Ravenpaw have been promoted to Leader-In-Training.
  • Spikey has been fired for no activity.
  • Rd has been promoted to the rank of 3ic.
  • After some great activity Chloe will keep her rank as 2ic.


  • All people must have a legitimate reason for going on leave or will lose their rank through inactivity.
  • Owners MUST recruit using a bot script to build the member base of the army.
  • A review will be made on the progress on the army over the next two weeks.

For you guys to have more fun, you need to be successful first. They both come hand-in-hand. I will be watching.


WV Guardian


3 Responses

  1. funks!

    • change!

  2. chip!

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