Resuming Action

All Water Vikings must read!

Don’t feel like reading? You know you can leave.

I will be testing people at random to see if they are even aware of this post on chat; You MUST comment below!

I mean it.

Recently this army has fallen. Instead of goinginto lockdown; Since I don’t think too many would be very happy with that, I’ve instead decided to let it live while we recruit people again.

We need your help.

If you wish to go on leave you must have a valid excuse or else I’ll stop counting you as on leave on the event tracker. This will guarantee you a demotion or to be just removed from the ranks.

“I’ve no time because of school!”

Leave; Come back when you can give us your all!

“I didn’t know the battle times!”

We didn’t make a site for no reason? Check it.

“I just don’t find this fun anymore!”

What the hell are you doing here so?

Have a stupid reason; GTFO.

I’m starting a 0 tolerance policy right now. No trolls; No excuses; No idiots; No trolls; Just pure work, fun, loyalty, activity AND success!

I don’t care who you are, what rank you are. No more being on leave. Leave the army, come back when your ready. Or get ready to be demoted.

That’s old style, like it or not. If you’re not active and go on “leave”; You’re not active enough for this army.

“Ask not what your army can do for you; But what you can do for you army!” ~ Jack

Lets do this

Water Vikings Leader!


2 Responses

  1. Go WV! Lets make a comeback.

    • ;p

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