Flexing on xxxxxxxObviousSoldierxxxxxxx

Toy… thanks for pointing out the obvious..

Waterkid himself mentioned that LT will be shutting down and coming back in summer after March Break is over, I was just telling the others.

What are you even on about…

~ NinjasWay, WV advisor

~ Theclearsky, former WV leader


UK Fun Event Results [3/31/16]

Hey WV,

Today we had a UK fun event were we maxed 34, average 33. Pictures taken by Healthym3, Katie, Jack, Buddy/Colin and I. Click “Continue Reading” for more pics!


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Coup D’etat of Leadership & P.O.G.

I, Jack [Leader of Water Vikings] am officially ordering the coup d’etat of the leadership and Panel Of Godfather.


I followed Funks over here from Ice Warriors because I believed in him. He is a good person. Hence why I will listen to him when he tells me that we must get rid of every current leader and member of the P.O.G.


What about the P.O.G?

The panel is pretty inactive and if they wanted to be in charge then they will have to ask me for permission. If I were to keep them they’d coup me back. SORRY BEP JEEEZZZZ.

I have cleared the panel and reinstated myself & KingFunks4 as the only members of the panel of godfathers.

All I can say is, I am sorry this had to happen; and it really did have to happy. Please read my reason at the bottom of this post (where I apologise to whomever I have hurt in this coup d’etat):


1st April banter, eh?

Happy April fools day Water Vikings.

Remember to attend our big battle later today vs Golds!


Water Vikings Leader

US TRAINING 30/03/16

Hey Water Vikings,

Today we had a US event where we maxed 30 and averaged 28 troops! Great Job WV keep it up!

~ Your friendly neighbor Oregan 🙂

*Sorry for the lack of pictures*

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UK Unscheduled Event Results [3/30/16]

Hey Vikings,

Today we had an unscheduled event on Alaska. Also my first event as WV leader! (temp lol). We maxed 37, and averaged 34. Pictures taken by Buddy, Alicia, Kyle104 and I. Click “Continue Reading” for more pics!

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Temporary Leader

Jared is temporary leader until Katie returns from leave at the start of next week.

HUGE PB BATTLE – This Friday vs Golds!





Huge Practice Battle!


Date: Friday, 1st April

Time: 8:30pm UK, 3:30pm EST, 2:30pm CST, 1:30pm MST, 12:30pm PST

Server: Frostbite


We follow up our huge PB Battle weekend with a battle against the Golds, another strong army! Let’s go for the win with Memberships available if we hit 35-40+ on CP. Make sure you attend this Battle.

-WV Leaders