ST. Patrick Day might be coming to Club Penguin this year!

Hey Water Vikings,

Water Vikings News Hub HQ-

I emailed the Club Penguin Support about the throwback party called St. Patrick Day Party that was being held at the Puffle Party back in 2012, the last time it was around. I was hoping for them to have a throwback party since there will be a Puffle Party this March too. Click on read more to see what they said to me.

Remember the ST Patrick Day Party being held at the Puffle Party back in 2012?

Heres what Kelsey, the Club Penguin support said to me:

They might bring back the party back again since 2012. What do you think about this!?

Bye for now,

Kyle103 WVNH Creator


One Response

  1. I hope you realize that there is few to no people who actually cares about Club Penguin in this army.

    Additionally, just because the support team welcomes your suggestion, doesn’t mean the party is confirmed or implied to be occurring.

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