Regarding Recent Alligations Against Wozza


I have some CLEAR proof to prove that the CPAC reporter who claimed Wozza could have defaced the Night Rebels chat was biased. 


The image above was shown. This image is from the Water Vikings LOL Page – I know this because I posted up the image myself. Why – If I wanted to protect Wozza would I have “EXPOSED” him trying to deface the Night Rebels chat and now say that he didn’t?

In the image above he asked us before “Do you guys trust me?” and to which, we all mockingly said “NO!”.

He then went on to PROVE he was defacing our chat (as a joke) which is why this image is on the lol page.

Now, Trader, who reported on the event could not have taken this image as it is an exact replica of the image posted here.

The ORIGINAL image (which was cropped down by Trader) will show that Wozza is clearly joking.

To prove that Trader cropped down the image; please NOTE that the image in question was taking at the EXACT same time, where Wozza’s comment is on the penguin in the background’s nose. This is tampering of evidence, and I won’t have it, I would personally like those false alligations removed from CPAC as it is unprofessional and completely unfair to Wozza.

So, Trader obviously saw our LOL Page which was continiously posted on the Water Vikings chat the day Wozza fell victim to these alligations. Obviously Trader saw the image and either thought it’d be a good idea to pin it on Wozza or got the meaning mixed up.

Either way, Wozza is INNOCENT!


Water Vikings Leader


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