[UK]Huge Training & Recruiting Event

Hello Water Vikings!

Since, sadly, the Army Republic didn’t raid our server at 8pm GMT, we thought it was a waste of size not to have an event. So, we logged onto Club Penguin for a fun event at 9pm GMT!


We trained and recruited, and had lots of fun!!

Good Job Water Vikings!

Thanks to Zoomey, Katie & Buddy for pictures.

Max: 25 Average: 23

Comment if you came!

Continue reading for pictures!

Had a good E+K Cakes warm up tactic!

Special shoutout to Badboy for attending uninvited! It’s a pity we only saw 1/50th of him!

This was then followed by an outstanding E+2 Smiley tactic! Good work guys, maybe work on the tactics a bit? Formation was probably our weakest, but it was still a good formation. Keep the work up guys!!!

A perfect E+1 tactic! Good and spread out, keep this up!

E+9 war faces!

An overall good E+7 winks!


Water Vikings Leader!


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  1. Came

  2. I attended.

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