Promotions and Demotions

Hey-o everyone

Note: Instead of a weekly poll this week, I felt this needed to be addressed more. So, next Sunday I will continue with the weekly polls

It’s pretty simple. Since I went on leave, we have done poorly and I’m tired of it. No, I can’t come back from leave early sadly, I’ll be back on Thursday if everything goes as planned. I can’t lead this army on my own. I need all of your help. This was done not to bring you down but to help you realize that this is effecting everyone. Click continue reading to learn your standing…

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It’s Time To Wake Up

Hello Water Vikings!

I’m happy that we came 1st on SMAC. Not because I’m some backstabbing cretin; And believe me, I am a backstabbing cretin, but because it serves as a wake up call, and lets let it be no more than that.

This week me and Katie sat in the back seat, let you all drive the bus for a while. In the one week you drove the bus, you drove it over the cliff. See why we can’t trust you all with the keys to the bus?

Now, some of you were VERY good and took this as an opportunity to prove you are worthy of a promotion, some proved they were worthy of the exact opposite. You will see who deserved what in the end-of-month promotions/demotions set to be released today or tomorrow.


In honour of this army which I love, and want to keep alive, I have set up some set guidelines. Must I remind you most of these rules are already in place?

1. Events must be held daily. No excuses or punishments will be handed out, like candy.

2. Everyone is expected to attend an event each day. Can’t attend? Give and excuse. And give it on time, not after the event.

3. Since the Water Vikings has always been a fair army, we’ve always allowed people to go on leave when they need the time off; People have recently taken advantage of it. Now, I know everyone on leave and most have a pretty good excuse which I’ll accept. But, can you really expect me to believe that 10 people in unison have serious issues in real life? I seize to believe this. From now on you must get permission from a leader to go on leave; They will grant you a fair amount of days to take off.

Last week we stepped back; This week we step forward.


Water Vikings Leader


We had a training/recruiting session and maxed 14. Tactics were not great, but acceptable for the purpose of this event. Credit to me and Jared for the pictures.

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ST. Patrick Day might be coming to Club Penguin this year!

Hey Water Vikings,

Water Vikings News Hub HQ-

I emailed the Club Penguin Support about the throwback party called St. Patrick Day Party that was being held at the Puffle Party back in 2012, the last time it was around. I was hoping for them to have a throwback party since there will be a Puffle Party this March too. Click on read more to see what they said to me.

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On Leave

Hey Vikings!

I’ll be on leave for the next week or two. I’ll be back before mid-March! I know you’ll do well until then, keep working hard!


Club Penguin Underground Cave Maze at Plaza Tutorial

Hey Water Vikings,

Water Vikings News Hub HQ-

The third and final week of Herbert’s plans are now here, and it’s time for us to put a stop to them! Click read more for walk-through, messages, new items, and secret room!

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[UK] Tuesday Night Massacre Event

Hello Water Vikings!

Today we decided to log onto CP and hold a training event. We had a great turnout – With many of our owners on. I was however, disappointed that hardly any mods were there. Keep attending, we will be demoting those who’re inactive at the end of the month, no matter your rank!


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