Club Penguin Blog: The Party That’s Millions of Years in the Making

Hey Water Vikings,

Water Vikings News Hub HQ-

3 days ago,  Club Penguin’s Blog Megg made a post about Operation Crustacean/The Prehistoric Party. It’s nothing too important, it’s just about the power source for the UFO and a reminder that alien puffles will be gone soon.

Here’s Megg’s blog post:

Hi Penguins!

Imagine this:

You’re an alien hanging out on your spaceship minding your own business. Now and then you beam someone up, say hi, and give them a hat.

Then one day a big, stinky, hairy polar bear visits and steals your spaceship’s power source.

UGH, don’t you HATE IT when that happens?

Good news for those aliens, though… Gary’s found a power source for the alien’s UFO that can replace what Herbert stole. It existed millions of years ago!

Are you ready to travel back in time and collect power fragments so we can help those alien puffles get back home?

If you haven’t adopted an alien puffle yet, you might want to. It looks like they’ll be blasting off soon!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

Bye for now,



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