Katie’s Weekly Fun Polls – 1/24/16

Hey-o everyone!

Welcome, yet again, to another week of my weekly fun polls! Week 11 is ready to rock and roll! This week, we’ll look at the results from week 10 and see what times really work for you guys, we’ll see a new poll to vote on and as always, you will have the opportunity to comment suggestions for next week! Click continue reading!

Last week, we voted and focused on what times work best for everyone. We didn’t get many votes, only 8, 8 and 7. The most liked time for Ausia was 11-12am GMT | 6-7am EST | 10-11pm AEST. Next the results of the UK was 8-9pm GMT | 3-4pm EST | 7-8am AEST. Lastly for the results of our US were tied with 10-11pm GMT | 5-6pm EST | 9-10am AEST and a later time set of 12-1am GMT | 7-8pm EST | 11am-12pm AEST. The times will most likely remain the way they are now since the votes supported what we already have scheduled.

This week, we are going to focus on our Bot. Our bot has it’s usual mode that you guys see all of the time. Doing users, bumps, kicks, bans, etc. There are some mods you guys who stay later at night have seen as well. Different types of games you can play. I want to know what YOU like the most! So the question is; What is your favorite game mode of our Fexbot? Make sure to cast your vote and comment suggestions for next week!

Week 10 Results:


This Week’s Poll:


Ɯaтєя Ʋιкιηgѕ Lєaɗєя


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