Water Vikings Weekly Analysis

This week wasn’t our best, we only had 2 events. So lets see where we want wrong, what we can improve on and hopefully we’ll do better next week.

Starting NOW we have 1 UK and US event each day.

9pm GMT – 4pm EST

11pm GMT – 6pm EST

Above you can see the statistics for this week’s top 10. We came 9th which isn’t great. We will be resuming our Ausia at 11am GMT every Saturday/Sunday and expect you all to attend!

Our tactics could be improved, please remember to spread out to avoid bunching and make us look MUCH bigger, also try and do every tactic IN TIME and stop being lazy during an event. Our size is small and as long as people aren’t attending will stay small, so we have to do the best we can with that size. REMEMBER: We are currently keeping track of everyone who isn’t on during event time, weather we have the event or not. Those who fail to be on enough will be demoted or fired.


Water Vikings Leader


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