UK Training – Results!

Hey-o everyone!

Today we had a training event for our UK/Euro division. We averaged about 21 troops and maxed 23 Water Vikings. Great job to everyone who attended. New troops, don’t forget to check the chat for tactics and to hold them. Otherwise, awesome job! During the event we also took time to acknowledge the Ice Warriors shutting down. Many of the current WV have memories with the Ice Warriors and wish their troops well and the army luck in the future. Click continue reading for pictures (taken by Givenchy, Rd, Alicia and I), a song and to comment if you came!


E+7 – Winky Faces

E=P – Puffle Emotes

E+C – Coffee Mugs


E+M – Money Coins

IW Tribute – “Don’t Freeze Up”

Rip Ice Warriors – Rest In Peace



Ɯaтєя Ʋιкιηgѕ Lєaɗєя



6 Responses

  1. First and i attended

  2. I Came Good Event Fam !

  3. Great event! :3

  4. I came!

  5. I came.

  6. I came

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