New Leader, Jack, and Temporary Leader, TyMatt

Hey-o everyone!

As most of you know, we currently are running an army under 4 leaders, plus 2 more who are planning on retiring soon. KingFunks is planning on retiring again soon and returning his focus back on school, while Bep has become inactive and planning on retiring as well. 

As of late, our Ausia division has been reopened by our Leader in Training, Jack. With his efforts, along with our owners Dann, Ravenpaw and Jazz/Astro, the Ausia division successfully reopened and become apart of our army as any other division. Jack’s hard work and dedication has been evident since rejoining. With that being said, we are proud to announce Jack as our newst leader of the Water Vikings. He has already been the main leader of our Ausia division and will now help lead the rest of the army. 

With Bep’s absence as of late and Buddy’s weird scheduling because of hockey, we are also proud to announce the return of TyMatt. He will be helping our army as we continue to work and reach to become our strongest. We hope to see your supporting and encouraging our new leaders, as well as working your hardest to improve WV.

Katie, Buddy, Mortico, Sir Pj, Bepboy and KingFunks

Water Vikings Leaders and Legends


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