Why? Is Lord Trader A Hypocrite


“Penguins r da croolist animal”

Need I remind you that you were the one that illegally distributed child pornography, have made public posts containing real life pictures of people in this community with clear intent to humiliate them, and are generally renowned for being the most toxic, least contributing person across CP armies.

This community has led to DDoS attacks, hacking, calling peoples schools, linking Social Media, bullying and more. Why do we do this?

I don’t know, m’Lord, why do you bully people online?  Here is an extract I got from the internet.

Mostly people bully others because they are upset with themselves and think if others were as miserable as he or she is, it will make him happier. They are jealous of someone so he or she bullies that person to feel more superior, or they bully someone to be cool.

Clearly, Lord Trader is just a bit insecure, so he takes the anger from the real world out onto people on the internet.

I do my fair share of banter in this community. But I draw the line at some point.

If you call spreading vulgar pictures of children online against their will “banter”, and that is what you call a reasonable moral “line”, then I believe you are what most people call ‘psychopathic’.

Conclusively, making a post crying about how the world is just so unfair and everyone just needs to love everyone else when you are just some insecure asshole that will not hesitate to tell someone to ‘kill themselves’ over a Club Penguin game isn’t going to make anyone in the community sympathise with your now disregarded army. I could probably go on forever but I got shit to do mane



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  1. couldn’t have said it any better

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