SPOILERS: Club Penguin February 2016 Party Information and Item Sneak Peeks

Hey Water Vikings,

Water Vikings News Hub HQ-

First off, here’s next month’s items. Items like the hat and checkered shoe are being made into body items, apparently! Plus there’s a lot of greyed out items — more on that below. The Keytar will also no longer be just an unlockable item, it’s becoming a regular item.

  • HERBERT: MWAHAHAHA! The Shrink Ray of DOOM is ready! Now if I could just get it to shrink more than the Town.
  • HERBERT: MWAHAHAHA! The Uncolorizer of DOOM is ready! No penguin will want to live on a colorless island!
  • HERBERT: MWAHAHAHA! The Laser of DOOM is ready! First I will blast those puny Snow Forts. Then… EVERYTHING ELSE!
  • HERBERT: Who set off my security alarm!? Is that you Klutzy? I bet it’s a pesky penguin! GET OUT! SCRAM! You’re trespassing!
  • HERBERT: You can not stop The Uncolorizer of DOOM! So long as there is power, it will run FOREVER!
  • ROOKIE: Whoa now, Herbert! It’s one thing to blast and shrink our island. But don’t you EVER take the color off our pizza!
  • ROOKIE: Whoa, a laser dance party! This can’t be what Herbert planned.I think he ‘s more of a square dancer.
  • ROOKIE: Oh hey! I’m Tiny Rookie! Well, actually I’m Regular Rookie, but Herbert shrunk me down.
  • ROOKEI: It’s not so bad. When life hands you tiny lemons, make a tiny bit of lemonade, right?
  • ROOKIE: We can’t let the uncolorizer spread! Maybe that big hole has something to do with this.
  • GARY: Well done, agent. The EPF has recovered the power source. Finally.

I wonder why Herbert is removing colour from the island?

Anywho, as for this month, here’s some Prehistoric Party rooms. Items such as the First Fire and T-Rex Hoodie will be available until February 3rd.

Looks like Jan and Feb will have a busy month when EPF is around! Beware of Herbert, the polar bear!!!

Bye for now,



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