New Leadership

For a while now the Water Vikings have relied on the old leaders, who will now slowly be stepping back into the roles of Advisor/Panel of Godfathers. Change has already retired, I have been retired for a while only to temporarily return for a month and Bepboy as you all know is not leading for much longer.

We have been training the LIT’s for a while now, in Adden, Mortico and Buddy – with Sir Pj recently joining as an experienced leader. Due to some personal/real life reasons, Adden will not be taking the Leader rank for now and he may have his own announcement in the future. However, we are pleased to announce that Mortico and Sir Pj will take over as leaders of the UK Division and Buddy will be joining Katie in the USA Division. These three leaders, alongside Katie, have many new ideas and their energy and desire to improve the army will help us. The Water Vikings have not done great due to the current leadership’s lack of motivation, energy and imminent retirement in recent weeks.

As a note to the owners, nobody will be promoted to the Leader In Training rank yet as none have impressed enough to deserve the rank. You all need to work harder and show us that you deserve that rank.

Myself and Bepboy will lead alongside the four leaders in a ”transition period” for a week or so to ease them into their roles. I am sure they will do well and with Katie acting as the Main Leader, I am sure success will be created.

Kingfunks4, Bepboy, Change & Katie

WV Leaders and Legends


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