A Message To Our Troops

The Water Vikings have been one of the most successful armies of 2015. We hit the largest sizes of the year when we reached 80+ in the Legends Cup Final, sizes that were ranked within the top five highest sizes ever hit in CP Armies. We also were ranked 4th on the 2015 Top Ten, only below armies that have been around for the whole year. Such success was achieved through hard work, recruiting and honesty – making our army unique and one I am a proud to be a part of.

A week ago the Water Vikings went through a dip in form and we did drop to 7th on the Top Ten, dropping out of the Top Five for the first time in five months. This saw several people to leave the army in an attempt to avoid any hard work to restore the army to past glory. Do you want to be someone who gives up on our family that easily? Our Army has also recovered this week and we will continue to grow and get back to the heights we got before. Do not be like others who have joined a certain army and given up. Join me in proving those people wrong. Those who have remained or joined in the last week, thank you. You are true Water Vikings.



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