A Message To Other Troops

The question that I will ask and answer for you, is why join the Water Vikings? Our army has broken the balance of power in 2015. We ended the normal supremacy of the typical power houses and created history. Our unprecedented rise has sustained from the Summer to the New Year and we will continue to succeed. Do not be fooled by our recent drop on the Top Ten, we have had a highly successful week and are primed to go straight back up in those listings. We hit the biggest sizes of 2015, reaching 80+ in the Legends Cup Final and we reached the Semi-Final of every tournament CPAC hosted through the year.

We may not be quite as big as the Doritos, but do you really want to join an army that cheats their way to the top and only has a few real troops? They are not fun, they have no real troops for you to talk to. On the Water Vikings chat we have fun, while also focusing on succeeding in events. If you have never been in our army, it is an experience that you MUST get. You have the chance to work with legendary leaders in Bepboy, Change, Katie and myself – who have lead to success for years.

If you have been in our army before and are currently in a different army, come back to your home. We want you back, we will welcome you with open arms. Our family can be reunited with the return of former troops who can finally, return home.

Will you join the Water Vikings revolution?


Our most recent event, and we are only getting bigger.



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