IW No-Show – WV Victory at Ice Age [US Results]

Hey Water Vikings,

Apologies for these results being out a bit later than planned, but better late than never! Last night at 8 PM EST our US division logged on to defend Ice Age from the Ice Warriors however they only had 12 on chat (including myself and change..) and so they didn’t log on. We averaged sizes of 25 throughout the battle so there’s definitely some room for improvement however this isn’t bad considering our late US has been slacking slightly recently, let’s keep it up!

Also, regarding that message that Drew sent saying ‘War score stays the same’, he has some silly logic that if IW don’t log on to an invasion but WV do log on and win, apparently we don’t get a point towards the war score.. no drew, you scheduled the invasion and you chose to not log on so therefore it is a WV victory, resulting in a +1 for us in the war score. Read on for pics..


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