My Official Retirement from Armies


Playing CP

I started playing Club Penguin around late 2008 when I saw my friend playing it. He told me to make an account. My first penguin name was Dutyj1. After a few days I went on the server, Mammoth, and saw a bunch of noobs there saying things like”XD” and “ROFL”. After a few weeks, I just decided to join in the fun.

After about a year or so, Dutyj1 got banned forever because I said stuff like “nee grr pls” and “beach pls”, and whatnot. I took my friend’s account – Midnightwave. I kept chatting on Mammoth, and contentedly, I made many friends.

The following are the names of them, however, only a few of them still come online nowadays.


C2000c (Candy)








Akon1133 (Skipper233)

Obama81000 (Bigmail)

Reeces2011 (sometimes)

Flames370 (sometimes)

One day I saw a bunch of green penguins patrolling Mammoth, and I got extremely curious. They all started saying things like “JOIN ACP”, so then I decided to join them patrol.

After a few days later, a black army would come on, also in large groups, it was SWAT.

ACP and SWAT would battle  almost everyday in the Snow Forts, chanting stuff like “SHOPS ARM” which would mean shoots arm, and  “LUNCHES TO GROUND” which would mean punches to the ground. They also said,”GETS BAA ZOO KAA” which would be gets bazooka. We would just fight each other and run over the whole island. Each army would have about 25-30 throwing snowballs at each other, unlike today’s”battles” with the emotes.

But now let’s see how I officially joined and got my rank in ACP.

I OFFICIALLY joined the Army of Clubpenguin around 2010-2011. Obama81000/Bigmail used to always tell me how to find their chat/website, but I wouldn’t understand. After a month, I looked ‘ACP’ up on Youtube, and found out about their chat. I then found Bigmail and he started explaining to me all about CP armies. He was ACP 5ic at the time, whereas I wouldn’t even have a rank, because ACP was too lazy to look at my join applications.


 In 2012, Darkstar262 wanted to create an army with me, so we did. We called it Ice Romans. IR would average like 7 on cp. After about 4-5 months of being alive, I retired and Darkstar had no one to lead with, so he closed IR. However, we had a lot of good memories..

I then stayed retired for about 9 months and returned to the Striking Raiders in 2013. Joining for a of 4ic, I got promoted to 3ic in 3 weeks. In around 2 months, I achieved 2ic. After that – LIT, and then going all up to winning an election to get leader. When UPA, SRA, SPA, and those armies were still around, we beat a bunch of S/M tournaments at the time and lost many as well.

2012 on Mammoth.

After leaving SR in 2014, I pretty much turned into a hopper. I remember when I would be in like 14 armies at once. I got offered 2ic in RF, in which I quickly accepted. I later decided to stay loyal towards RF. I learned a lot in the Redemption Force. Chat recruiting was very easy back then. I turned into a strong leader. RF won 2 tournaments under the leadership of Dom, Rishron, and myself. After a few months later, the 1st generation ended. I went around seeking for a new home.

I was considering joining Golds, and taking in notice that I had a lot of friends there, I officially joined. I joined for the rank of 2ic, and later achieved leader status 2 months later.

 Golds was a great army and I led with some great army leaders. We went from 5 on cp to 20-30, we literally had no troops! I also won the award for best owner in the Summer.

After receiving news that the Redemption Force was back, I retired from the Golds and decided to rejoin RF for our 2nd Generation. Many veterans had returned, and I led with them. It was RF’s best generation yet, we hit 30 on CP for the first time and got 5th on CPAC twice; we stayed in the CPAC top 10 for many months.

RF then got defaced by some fag, and died again. Unfortunately, Golds were dead at the time. I had no choice but to resort to my last army, which were the Water Vikings.

I joined WV when they were in a huge slump. I joined for the rank of 2ic, and then after a week, Funks and his “gang” came in. We went from maxing 15 to maxing 30 quickly and then from maxing 30 to maxing 80 in the Legends Cup. It was one of the most fantastic battles I’ve witnessed,  and we should have won that. Nonetheless, we did absolutely great in the battle and made everyone proud.

I got promoted to leader about 2 weeks after the Legends Cup battle, while we were averaging 35-40 per event, which we still are today. We finished DCP off, and now we’re going to finish off IW. Lol we’re the best. We are the number 1 army out there and no one stopped us. All WV made me proud.


i thank these nigs

Striking Raiders

  1. Obama81000/Bigmail
  2. Delirious
  3. Rocky24568
  4. Silent Sniper
  5. KirbyWarrior
  6. Bingoradar
  7. Troppy
  8. Moho/ Han Solo
  9. Interwebdude
  10. DMT
  11. Pengwen6
  12. Louie76543
  13. Sammydoo
  14. Rikuns
  15. Benten16250
  16. Tony Romo401
  17. Lily The Flower
  18. ItsAnime1
  19. Popcorny5555
  20. Gen
  21. Cirby5
  22. Worldwwe
  23. Huskers/Pride

Redemption Force

  1. Reacon
  2. Blaze
  3. Venom
  4. Reddude5789
  5. Piggy
  6. Dom
  7. Rishron
  8. Hikusaak
  9. Prince B
  10. Lord Allen
  11. Mkbw20
  12. Walf Six
  13. Rockyiceman1
  14. Sunshine
  15. Jooeric
  16. Greyrocket
  17. Brigade3
  18. Jack Frenzy
  19. Tondrax
  20. Sherlock120
  21. Princess Kitty
  22. Bubbles
  23. Sora
  24. Trent


  1. Tilgen
  2. Lorenzo Bean
  3. Antonio
  4. Johnnyroger1
  5. Trader
  6. Chanhies
  7. Gold Fan
  8. WhatsUp11
  9. Flamez64
  10. Humplips
  11. Sapper

Water Vikings

  1. Bepboy
  2. Change
  3. Kingfunks4
  4. Lord Jay
  5. Katie
  6. Chip/Noob
  7. Mortico
  8. Jack
  9. Rose
  10. Terminator
  11. Adden433
  12. Alex Pile
  13. Cutetails
  14. Princexnick
  15. Jared
  16. Babotoo
  17. DrMatt
  18. Pjayo
  19. Moses106
  20. Tymatt
  21. Tes7
  22. Icystorm9
  23. LeCorleone
  24. Bowser
  25. Kyle103


  1. Darkstar262
  2. Rabbit720
  3. Reeces2000
  4. Skipper233/Akon1133
  5. Candy/Lily
  6. Darkme99
  7. Tiki
  8. Wally300
  9. Pippi100
  10. Yoyo
  11. Cooln2
  12. Aaronstone
  13. Emmy
  14. Fireboy
  15. Sour
  16. Call Me Carl
  17. Ninjadude999
  18. Bluey
  19. Barry300
  20. Son Nav
  21. Dawix9
  22. Danny
  23. Sakr
  24. Flames370
  25. Orange
  26. Owlcity270
  27. CR
  28. Ace
  29. Legofan Cy


The reason why I am leaving this community is because I am going to be very busy with school now that I’m moving to the United States. I also won’t be using my aunt’s comp. I’m also getting pretty old. There are more reasons, but those reasons can be asked by be me on chat, i’m too addicted to this aswell.

I loved this game, and many people from this community; but it’s time for me to go.



Former WV & Golds Leader

Former RF & SR Legend


15 Responses

  1. Sad to see you go, Mid.

  2. Farewell, your time here was much appreciated by us all. Be joyful, and live life to its fullest. Also, Happy Holidays! 😉 – *Term*

  3. It’s very sad to see you go Mid. But l think you forgot me, idk if you noticed that Lolz. Thanks for everything bro, l had a great talk with you. But you know what, I’m coming back to WV tomorrow after school. I’m gonna miss you man. We always are best friends. Never regret that, never forget. Great memories, great past my bud.

  4. Take care, Mid. You were a good leader, and a great friend. Good luck in America!

  5. Farewell bro

  6. It is disappointing to see you go, you were a great leader.

  7. Great under me in Golds(should’ve led there too) and was great under/with me here in WV.

    Best Regards,


  8. i didnt get mentioned, nor in golds nor in other ;'( . Bye midy ❤

  9. It’s a shame to see you leave WV, if you ever feel like re-joining just hmu with a message. There’s some people that when they join WV I can just tell they will be something good here, and that was most certainly you. Thank you for being such an amazing fellow leader

  10. Midnightwave I cri!
    It was truly one of the best times I ever had leading with you in Striking Raiders. Even being lead by you when I was 2ic felt amazing. You are a great leader with great character and deserving of legend. We did many things together in Striking Raiders that I felt make us really good friends. Although I was a bit salty about you getting picked over me to lead Redemption Force, you are a great friend. I wish you the best of luck in school and life.
    P.S. Stop watching porn that’s why your mom took away your computer(heh nostalgia).
    ~Doctor Mine Turtle

      • looooooool, good times

  11. You’ll be missed my friend. Hate to see you go, but glad we still will see you around every once in a while. Thank you for everything you’ve done for WV. Much love ❤

  12. Man, the times in Striking Raiders where the best thing for me in CP Armies. Just recently logged on my PC , Went to check on the old armies and its kinda sad seeing them all dead. Pleasure being led by you in Striking Raiders,

    P.S If you interested in bringing SR Back, hit me up xD…….

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