November promotions

Although I lack the authority to promote owners, I do have the authority to promote mods, members, and whatnot.

Without further ado, here are the November promotions.

If you haven’t gotten a promotion this month, there’s always next month. Let this be motivation to work harder in the Water Vikings!

Blue = Promoted

Green= Demoted

                Red = Close to demotion
 photo ownerline_zpsfc9cf617.png


Jared, Le corleone, Bayleef, Picard, CeonZ

To be a 4ic, you must be prepared for owner. That means, you must be added to the recruiting site and you will follow the rules provided or you will be demoted down to 5ic again.


TheCyberLime, Maxmemes

Icystorm9, Speedy, RD


 BallyBrandon, Babotoo, Rekook, E pengo

                      photo modline_zps7420c781.png


Estrellajaure12, Icyecho, Puffball6748, Coolkid09, Tman46/Razz, Rukia(^), Bobby, Zakhary222 Bowserboy7, Jonny/Jotas3, mrponchee127, Roxxy100, Lizardlake


Cieralol200, Skiddy21501 , Rarity180, America277, Doodpeisert,  Wynston79914, Jay115, Bjkb1, Sensei500, Travis714, Oskys, Gonnabeastar, Raterby462, Buddian251, Daysarefun, 2lightbolt2, Chloe 1999, Jetbirdie

Hotdog10, Princess67, Kailey, Boby11, Trent819819, Gurleen101,  Aidanjhudd, Fguy13,  Roman28, Cakeloserv, Roaminggamer, Kgmoosie, Sebib12, Purplepines, water4ever, Cool16803 Hi Cake, Icewhiteice, Puryuki, Viper55038, Green pines, Crazylexa200, kristjan0, Natbatnatn123, Mable Pines, Mattg0874,  Ihonuku, Hearyabe, Monsterella6, Young Rich,

 Snickers1167, Rockboyb127, Soupypoupy, Andres43186,  Katie90049, Luigipen, Salwa12123, Ev05, Abdulladh6386, Lucia20076, Popple27, Pikachyu, Codyyy01, Pingupengu12, Applepie6014, ShadowReaper73, Charky101/Beast08, Techwaddles, Rosesa, N3rdy Fun,, Super Pengy 5, Dan Howell09, Eline111, Choclate121, Breggiegamer, Aireszoom, Mewtwo33, Ronaldo180, Nerd To Cool, Waddle68003, Dana11830, Mikey (Snuggles2368), Alex 2 0 0 0, Maia4387, Misses Cute1, Uknowimepic,  Lookihavad, Zakhar251, Petunia Bear, Sally0406,, Fluffy53030, cupcakebug, karan, Zigzag1, Clonewars5, Warrior003, Azurill6542, Rico4038, Ethan Mthdew,Newfiepengu, Gram19,  Mintunicorn, Wolvesrock31, Editable/Mr Laverty, Rabbid1231, Dogtagboy, Goeddy, Prince 0909, Carterptsgt, Jb148, Princessluv4, Cuteblue3333, Squeaky 909, Ironskelly, Catzy1, Squirtle231, Jakey5678, FunriousTV, PjRockStar, Solarr, Rosehana,

Not available


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  1. Congrats on your promotions guys! Keep up the great work!

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