Happy New Year


Water Vikings Awards 2015: Nominations

In what is likely to be the most hotly contested awards in Water Vikings history, with our most successful year to date, it is up to you to decide who the very best Vikings have been.

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[UK]Event On Zipline

Hullo Water Vikings! Today we impressed ourselves yet again, called to the maximum extent, and maxed 38 and averaged 35 throughout the entire event. Thanks to everyone who called, and everyone else who participated in this great event!


12-29-15 14

12-29-15 15

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US Training Event – Results!

Hey-o everyone!

Today we logged onto our server, Zipline, to train our US division. We maxed about 28 troops and averaged 26. You guys did good today, just make sure to pay attention to the chat so you know when to do the tactics! Click read more for pictures (taken by Bep, Change and I) and to comment if you came!

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[UK]Event On Marshmallow

Hello Water Vikings. Thanks to all the hyping we had quiet a successful UK event today! We managed to max 30 and average 27! Those numbers are terrific for UK and I think you should all be proud.


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I’m Leaving WV

I just wanted to inform all the owners and staff of WV that I am departing from WV to go where my heart feels I need to be. I’m thankful for the opportunity you have givin me to be apart of one of the greatest armies this year. I know it’s short notice but this needs to be done. I am truly sorry. I wanna thank my girl Katie for always bein there for me when I needed her as I have done for her in return. I’m glad I got to know a sweet and awesome girl like her. I wanna thank Bep and Change for believing in me while I was here. They are two of the greatest leaders I’ve known in a long run. I wanna end this in saying goodbye to all the great people in WV and I hope you guys continue to rise. Wish me luck as I continue my journey to success here in CP armies. Time is running out. And I’m going home. 🙂


Club Penguin Rockhopper Meetup Times For December 2015 Holiday Party/Coins For Change

Hey Water Vikings,

All the meetup times are PST, which is the time on the clock tower at the Snow Forts. For EST add three hours and for the UK add eight. All meetup times are English servers unless otherwise specified.

Water Vikings News Hub HQ-

Rockhopper is waddling around the island the remainder of the month, so there are plenty of times to meet him! In this post you’ll find a collection of all the official meetup times Club Penguin has given out. This post will be updated multiple times so feel free to check back later for updates when Club Penguin posts more meetup times.

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