The Inauguration of Katie as WV Leader

Stroms edit: Go Katie! ❤Long gone are the days where we need to hire leaders.

Hello Water Vikings,

As I am sure you can all remember, when Funks re-joined WV in the summer he brought with him a specialised team of owners and moderators including the likes of Chip, Mortico, Pham and Katie herself. Ever since then Katie has stood out and proved herself to be a natural when it comes to leading and for this reason, on top of her continued efforts and dedication in helping WV rise to the top over the past months in her LIT rank, she has been promoted to the rank of leader to lead the US division alongside fellow commanders DrMatt and Midnightwave.

Message from Kingfunks4

Katie has been an owner in both the Ice Warriors and Water Vikings under myself, and she has been one of the best owners I have ever worked with in my five year career in CP Armies. She is loyal, active and has a very sensible and astute attitude. While she has never been a leader of an army before, I fully believe that she will fit in perfectly within our leadership team and continue to improve upon her ability and become a great leader within our CP Army Community.

I ask you to all stand by and support Katie in her first leadership, as with everyone’s support she can fulfil potential. She knows that she has a lot to learn as a leader, but only by putting her in that position can she learn – and she has some of the very best leaders to learn from. Congratulations Katie!

Message from Katie

Wow. Just, wow. When I joined WV in July, I knew something was going to be different. Something here was gonna stand out differently from what I’ve known before. You guys have done that. All of the troops in this army, past and present, have showed me so much love, support and care. First off, you guys have no clue how much you have impacted my life. All of you have done more that you believe you have without even knowing, I thank you for that. You guys really are my family, I love you guys. Second, thank you. I’ve always loved being in WV since I joined and been happy with almost every troop I’ve met and talked with. You are all extremely dedicated and amazing troops. I couldn’t ask for a better army to lead, especially alongside these amazing leaders. Lastly, to all of the people who have watched me get here, thank you so much. You have all inspired me, taught me many things and helped me get to the point of leading this amazing army.

Thank you all so much. I love you guys. ❤


10 Responses

  1. Congrats, you’ll be a great leader!

  2. Good decision. Congratulations

  3. Congratulations, Katie.

  4. Congrats Katie

  5. WV will surely continue to thrive with Katie leading alongside legendary pioneers like Bep Change Mid and Matt.

    • Gtfo you has-been

  6. Told you

  7. Knew it. Keep being awesome! #TheFutureIsBlue- *xoTermxo*

  8. YAY KATIE!!!!

  9. […] Below is an excerpt from Katie’s portion of the post. You can read the full post, with testimonials from Bep and Funks, on the WV site here. […]

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