The Water Vikings will continue to previal

Somebody must have been lying when they told DCP it would be a good idea to schedule 5 invasions a day against WV when they can barely hold 3 events a week themselves. Their laughable actions will only make us grow stronger as an army and continue to prove to them that you cannot beat the Water Vikings. Not surrendering the war was a foolish and rookie mistake by Sprite but to go ahead and schedule five invasions per day for an unstable army only further proves their idiocy unless Bam, Sprite and Brad are going to use their infamous tricks of mass multi logging, let’s not forget ALL three of them have been exposed on CPAC as of late for cheating. I will repeat Mustapha himself when he once said (under Azncookiecutters account!) – ‘We live off war, we rise to the occasion’.

They cannot beat us Water Vikings. Look around you, we have the most loyal and amazing troops in the community who know how to have fun and work together for success and this can barely be compared to DCP when they actually have no legitimate member base (don’t try to tell me their members on chat aren’t their nulls as I haven’t seen a DCP auto typer in months). We have the best leadership in armies whereas DCP have one of the most pathetic. We have every reason to be proud of our achievements, but we also have every reason to continue pushing and growing and put down the Doritos. Make sure you are at as many battles as you can attend during this war.

Defense of Christmas

Server: Christmas


1:00 AM UK

8:00 PM EST

7:00 PM CST

6:00 PM MST

5:00 PM PST



WV Leader & Legend


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