From Jay

Basically goodbye. My kik has been deleted, I won’t be on xat. This is it.

I’ve been hated in WV ever since I rejoined. Someone can take this post down whenever they want, but for now I’m just saying that I’m not appreciated in Water Vikings and maybe one day I’ll come back, but I’m just betting that if I leave no one will care that much. So, goodbye WV, maybe I’ll see you in the future.

Goodbye WV.


4 Responses

  1. Gonna miss you lroids. 😦 See you soon

  2. Jay, I hate to see you go. If there’s anyway I can still keep in contact with you, I would love to. I hope everything is okay. Don’t think nobody cared about you. You are one of the most asked about and cared about people. Just know we still care about you man. 🙂 Hope to talk to you soon…

  3. Honestly, I’m more than sure everyone appreciates you in the army. We are just worried that you’re not active enough, Jay. Don’t get any wrong ideas please. Everyone in WV is treated the same way, and they will always be. From leaders – to members.

  4. you weren’t even hated. you popularized wv’s greatest ever may-mays and were one of the few people that actually had a decent sense of humour. come back whenever you feel like.

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