[UK/US] Invasion of Snow Bank

Hello Water Vikings,

Yet another day has passed and another server has been taken away from the corrupt hands of the Doritos. In the past they have made wars boring by refusing to show up at battles and they are trying to do it again but don’t worry DCP, we will just start raiding every training session you have and that will be quite embarrassing for your troops when we are doubling your size lol. Well done to all who attended, we averaged sizes of 30 and maxed 34. Make sure to attend our event tomorrow at 8:30 PM UK/3:30 PM EST as we need to bring our size average for the week up-40+ expected at least!

Note: I am clubherbert6 on CP (Shout out to lime for giving me a peng as mine got banned)

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WV Leader, Legend & P.O.G Member


2 Responses

  1. gj

  2. I came!

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