We won’t stop ’till you’re d-e-a-d.

The pillars are slowly falling. One by one.. slowly, but surely. After all, the best way is to watch an army die slowly and struggle through the process.

DCP is no longer relevant when it comes to big, legit armies. DCP has been cheating for nearly 7 months now. They are a waste of space in the community. I’d rather have a smap army replace their spot.

WV and DCP have had extremely bad blood in between them since the day they cried over that CPAC #1 position and gathered 6 armies to declare war on WV. The war resulted in WV victory and DCP got even more butthurt. DCP talked shit about us for a while, and we leaned back and gave no crap. After our substantial rise, we decided to take action. We decided to do the community a favor by taking the out the trash. It was not fair for real armies like WV to watch DCP get all the credit for being the “world power”.

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that DCP is a US-based army. Let’s look at their chat at their prime-time of the day.

11 on chat (7 nulls LOL)

Ehh… I’m not sure what happened to the “mighty” DCP.

DCP couldn’t even re-invade their own capital properly and had to post it as a successful defense on their site when it wasn’t even a defense. (Implying they even beat LT)

LOL! You guys are in such a bad position right now you gave that Possum faggot owner, and gave Whatsup11 leader. Who the fuck is 11? Never heard of him! Oh wait, I felt a spark. He’s one of the biggest hoppers of all time. These hoes aint loyal!

Now onto wv vs dcp war

DCP’S first excuse to not showing up at our invasions were “There is an active treaty, it’s all invalid” The treaty expired on November the 1st.

All of WV's invalid are also invalid since they lost our war.

Expires on Nov 1st.

It’s November 4th right now. They haven’t defended any of our invasions since the treaty got called off, yet they still call us small. Can’t beat a small army ey famalam?

WV is killing DCP as the clock goes tick-tock. Every single day we see the Doritos growing smaller, and smaller. The Doritos have lost hope, the Doritos have lost motivation, the Doritos have lost their so called “family”. They’re so small they can’t hold ONE decent event per week.

Now I must say that it is not certain whether DCP is truly shutting down and merging. But the thing is, they’ve lost so much hope for the army they’re THINKING about merging. This show that they are extremely insecure towards DCP’s future.

WV is proud to be the main reason for DCP’S demise.

WV is proud to claim the world power status and knock DCP off the charts.

WV is proud that they’ve done the community a favor and ended the utter bullshit once and for all.

WV will always be enemies with DCP.

Once WV is done with all your servers (expanding our empire to nearly 60 servers) Don’t expect us to stop. War is only a portion of the hate we have for you guys. We will do anything we can to wipe DCP out as if they never existed.

The Doritos have done their shit talking, it’s our turn.

We will not stop until you’re D-E-A-D.

PS: Hope you show up at our next invasion of Snow Cone. It’s valid, right?

PSS: As a side note to SWAT, I’m confused why you guys are talking behind WV’S back saying we are small and all that bullcrap. While almost every single army called you guys out for excessive cheating, WV stayed neutral. I don’t want any cards to be pulled so please cut the crap.

Until my next hate post



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  1. so true

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