What’s your next excuse DCP?

*****The following post is a detailed version of Bep’s “Nov 1st is here” post which can be read by clicking HERE*****

As you may all know, the reason the Water Vikings never declared war on DCP after they spoke shit about us, and accused us of multi-logging was because of a treaty. A treaty that DCP had been hiding behind for ages. A treaty that has kept DCP alive and away from embarrassment.

The treaty was marked INVALID once DCP raided our capital, Frostbite. They also raided WV’s invasion of Belly Slide which had nothing to do with DCP.  Obviously, DCP would still constantly say there is still an active treaty in place and we cannot invade anything and mark it as valid. Why? Because they are scared.

That all changes today. Do you know what day it is today? It’s November 1st,  also known as the day the treaty finally expires; it also marks the first day that DCP will slowly lose motivation and die out eventually.  Mustapha and his other 5 real troops have been losing so much motivation that they had to make fail hype posts under different people’s names just to boost them back up, but sadly it’s already too late. ;(

As you may also know, the Light Troops are almost finished up with their war. They have 1 more server to invade and it’s victory for them. Now it’s the Water Vikings turn, it is our time to shine and annihilate every single “real” DCP troop that stands in our way. We will take their entire nation and leave them with absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g.

I said in an interview that WV will not finish up the war with DCP until they beg us for another treaty. I was wrong, WV will not finish up the war until DCP is DEAD.

Time to kill bois.

Good luck frail Doritos. Oh right, with your 60+ on chat everyday you won’t need the luck.



One Response

  1. The war is on. Spirits are up. The strongest nation is prepared to take on every troop, or bot, that the enemy decided puts towards us. But, since you decided to stay inside when actions had reactions, you will face the conciquences. We’re bringing the fight to you. Ready or not, here comes the wave. 🙂

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