Invasion of Husky [UK RESULTS]

Hey WV! Today we logged onto Husky to invade the Ice Warriors of their server, Husky. Overall, great job! Here are the pictures:

Max: 36

Average: 34

When Andrew24 realizes IW are screwed.



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Here Comes the Wave

Ice Warriors will be surprised to hear that not everybody has to mass multi log to get to the top and stay there!

Your ‘evidence’ against us is pathetic. If you think that because some of our troops have only particular stamps is enough reason to come to the judgement that we multi log then you truly are stupid. If you really want to accuse WV of multi logging, then please find some more real evidence first (stampbooks alone are absolutely nothing) such as the kind of stuff in THIS post but good luck finding it, you’ll have a hard time as WV do not multi log.

Jealousy always brings out the weirder side in some people.


WV Leader & Legend

Big mistake IW.

As you may all know, The Ice Warriors have declared war on the great Water Viking Empire.

Declaring war was a huge mistake; as huge as WV’S sizes.

Dark blue is the new light blue. In other words, WV is the new IW. IW is the old WV. r.i.p

WV will take IW’S entire nation just like we did to DCP. We will leave you server-less.

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Club Penguin Blog: Project: Super Secret… Welcome!

Hey Water Vikings,

Water Vikings News Hub HQ-

We still don’t really know what Project Super Secret is, yet on Friday Megg posted another sneak peek of it – this time some concepts for a welcome area!

Here’s Megg’s blog post:

Hi Penguins!

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a special area where we could welcome new penguins to our community? The team’s been working on some concepts…




If you were planning a welcome area, what kind of events or items do you think you’d want there? Let us know in the comments below!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

Bye for now,


Raid on Husky [RESULTS]

Hey WV! Today we logged onto Husky, and had a quick training session. Good size, and formations but the tactics need to be held longer :p Great job! Comment if you came. We maxed 38 and averaged 35. Click read more to see pictures and a video.


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The time for justice is now

Hello Water Vikings,

As some of you should know by now, the Ice Warriors have declared war on the Water Vikings army. The IW, whose average sizes last week were 20 (with only 2 events lol), have made a grave and silly mistake by declaring war on us. I do not know what possessed Drew to make such an un-calculated and, what will be, an inevitably regretful move, but the Ice Warriors will pay for trying to defame WV in propaganda posts on their site and trying to steal some of our troops. Let’s not forget this is the same army who faked a whole UK event a couple of weeks ago and have been exposed several times this year for cheating.

In order for us to pull yet another victory against yet another pathetic army we must work together to ensure we succeed. Owners must be continuously making recruiting penguins for the leaders and mods and members should always be enforcing the chat rules and welcoming new recruits who come on chat. Lately some troops have only been attending events if they happen to be online at that time, but if we keep doing that then we will NOT win this war. All Water Vikings must be checking the site daily for battle time updates and should be on chat 1 hour before each event in order to properly prepare. We can do this, so let’s do it.



WV Leader, Legend & P.O.G Member

#1 Once Again

Well done Water Vikings, we have managed to maintain our top spot in the CPAC Top Ten. Let’s aim to keep that spot this week by making sure we are on 1 hour early for all events and welcoming all new recruits who come to chat! EVENT TODAY (SUNDAY) AT 9 PM // 4 PM EST