Late US Training Results!

Hey Water Vikings!

Today we were meant to face off against the Dark Warriors in a practice battle but unfortunately they did not log on. Nevertheless we logged onto Frosty and performed very well considering it was a late US. We Maxed 27 and Averaged 25. Great performance today everyone! Also, tomorrow there will be a post regarding the Water Vikings Training Regiment, so all mods interested in being instructors please be sure to read that post and sign up! Anyways, read on for the Pictures!

Note: ‘Change87’ is Zakhar. His penguin was banned as someone (presumably DCP) guessed his password. He asked for a spare penguin as his was banned. I gave him a recruiting one.

I think I get why Chip and Quinn are a couple -_-

~Adden433 WV 2ic


5 Responses

  1. I came First

  2. i was here….

  3. Wasn’t able to come, but still called as many as I could. Phew. Probably have a lot of other things to do now in return XD. Glad it went well! #TheFutureIsBlue- *Term*

  4. i always get ep and e9 mixed up

  5. us div rising!

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