Invasion of Vanilla Results [UK]

Hey Water Vikings,

This one goes out to azncookiecutter over at DCP, I must say thank you for reminding me of the Dorito enigma because I was truly blissfully unaware. Today our UK/US division logged on to the server of Vanilla and averaged sizes of 35, maxing 40 at one point. This is why we are the #1 army, no other army can even slightly compete with us at these times. Thank you to all the troops who attended, make sure to keep attending all the events this week and be on chat as often as you can so we can maintain and even build on the sizes we achieved today. Read on for some pictures!


Shoutout to firekid for the triangle formation











4 Responses

  1. Attended this, loved it, can’t wait for more!
    The tide keeps on rising, and never forget it. Living that WV life. 😉 #TheFutureIsBlue- {Terminator aka Sugarsnaps15}

  2. 2blissfullyunawareofthedoritoenigma4me

  3. AWESOME! I see myself!! :)) 🙂

  4. That converging bomb thing is slick asf

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