New WVTR (Water Vikings Training Regiment)

Hey Water Vikings!

So I just thought of an idea that we should start training our new troops. We will be starting a WVTR to help our new troops gain experience and to learn the ways of CP armies. For any mods or owners becoming instructors, please comment below with your name, rank, and why you should be an instructor. We will be holding a meeting after the event tomorrow with the owners about how we can make this the best training regiment around. As for the troops, please be prepared for the Training Regiment to be opened so that you can join and become a better troop!




5 Responses

  1. I would like to be an instructor im major my in game name is Rekook
    and i would like to be an instructor because of i want to help others and let Water Vikings be the best army in CP!

    • Im an major general now 🙂

  2. Hey guys, my name is Jonny (CP name Jotas3) , I am a Major General (ic7) , I would like to become a instructor because I care for the army and, even though I am new, I want to help the army develop and teach those who want to join our war etc. This would be my way of contributing to the army (amongst other things) I hope you accept me xD.

    Regards, Jonny (Jotas3)

  3. I am a 5ic and my in-game name is xcam4122.
    I’d like to be an instructor to teach other people how to do perfect tactics and show them how to recruit so that this army will grow and they can have a fun time and gain CPA army experience so that it can be more fun for all in the future.

  4. Name- Jared/On CP- Earnald100
    Rank- 4ic
    I would like to be an instructor so I can teach the new recruits to wv about the basics of armies, how they work, tactics, ranks, and to overall just teach them new stuff. I hope you accept me.

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