A Step in the Right Direction [US RESULTS]

Hey Water Vikings,

Today, we headed onto our capital Frostbite,  for a much needed US Training Session! We were able to manage to max 26 and average 24 throughout the event, which was pretty successful compared to our usual US size of 0 troops. Everyone who attended this event did a wonderful job (even the jokester who decided to repeatedly do E+T toots throughout the entire event making it hard to take decent pictures), and all privates, who attended, were immediately promoted following the event. Hopefully this will set a trend for our US division and we will be able to easily get these sizes and beyond in the future!

Shoutout to Mid, Chip, RD, Monster, and Katie for taking some snazzy pictures of the event!


~Tes7, WV Leader~





4 Responses

  1. i attended.

  2. I made it

  3. I like the circle one’s most. :3 – Le Corleone

  4. hot

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