October Promos!

Hey Water Vikings!




To receive a rank in the Water Vikings, you must comment on the join page. Click HERE to go there.

For Windows  Users: Hold down the “Ctrl” key and then press “F” on your keyboard. This opens a Find window . Type in your Club Penguin name (the one on the ranks). Click the “Next” button if necessary. It should highlight your name on the ranks. Then just check what rank you are listed under.

For Mac Users: Hold down the Apple /Command key and then press “F” on your keyboard. This opens a Find window . Type in your Club Penguin name (the one on the ranks). Click the “Next” button if necessary. It should highlight your name on the ranks. Then just check what rank you are listed under.


UK:  Bepboy9 // Stromae // Change

USA: Tymatt // Tes7 


Panel of Godfathers: Kingfunks4, Bepboy9 & Zakdude

The Panel of Godfathers are mainly an advisory force, but can step-in for internal matters and change the leadership if necessary.  New members to the P.O.G must be agreed by the whole panel. 


Midnightwave || Katie0715 || Chip/Noob


 Mortico || Zeer || Pham


 Billy || Izun

 photo ownerline_zpsfc9cf617.png


Jack [King Hazard] | Noah (Super23) | Ghost | Samsungy | ZonE | Alex Pile | Terminator

To be a 4ic, you must be prepared for owner. So, you must be added to the recruiting site and you will follow the rules provided or you will be demoted down to 5ic again.


Evan | Joker | RD | Storm2284 | Steven16658 | Icystorm9

 Lieutenant Colonel

Innerbeauty7 | Siclock Cutetails | Stormwolf

Lieutenant Major

Tianie (Daysarefun)  | Wolf Dabomb | Bowserboy7


Djblablas | Buzzer | Kathywaffy | Deropy

 photo modline_zps7420c781.png


Wvrain, Spy Agent3s5, Travis714

Staff Sergeant

Cieralol200, Skiddy21501 , Rarity170, America277, Themcwarrior, Doodpeisert, Lizardlake, Raterby462


Hotdog10, Princess67, Kailey, Boby11, Trent819819, Gurleen101,  Aidanjhudd, Fguy133, Roman28, Cakeloserv, Roaminggamer, Kgmoosie, Sebib12, Jetbirdie


 Snickers1167, Rockboyb127, Soupypoupy, Andres43186,  Katie90049, Luigipen, Salwa12123, Ev05, Abdulladh6386, Lucia20076, Popple27, Pikachyu, Codyyy01, Pingupengu12, Applepie6014, Estrellajaure12, Brucejender, Young Rich, Jay115


 Josh1008c, Taco Masta, Dom5967, Kiara Chaput, Sunshine103, Lucky Lizard, Tinafeyyy, Squishy 2k8, Ctjtb3, Aditi125a, Safee105, Nickyjoe827, Jaliah23421, Benaly16, Micah164, Kimmberly234, Magic Square, Chancan2015, Superjunah, Keyshawnb29, Sellali000, Fruitrolelops, Xxpradaxx, Gurjyot10, Hello642, Coolboy21120, Xander9025, Itskelsi, Peyton6578, Vincent1415, Wild9315, Legomovie101, Girldog89, Fuzzy5, Kittycold, Snowdrops2, Usher270, Bootsieboo1, Nick89405, Bighero14, Bolt4555, Elsafrozenlo, Lillyapple6, Gingy03, 87jordsfan, Diana62550, Landon20099, Maggiegirl3, James99514, Greencheck31, Petlover101, Ronic55, Olaf1773, Hanny555, Teena, Blue675, Mcantal, Shadowsimmin, Rasequeen128, Mahima19, Glitzgirl19, Berryblue123, Lilstar123, Goderek91, Ladysteph, Cutierose6, Nahom33, Ninjawarrio66, Blizzard1414, Ninja7721, Boyman109, Ice Red, Voose15, Misspooky, Valerie320, Maximus1206, Binraj4, 123camels, Green1148, Ryanizawsom, Bobmarley442, Trubbschrubb, Nimaji108, Tking109, Clubby, Parker605, Braty2, Tigercubblue, Mario11767, 2lightbolt2, Shonder, Mario11767,  Shadow124, Eggman3, Pollyp2004, Sally0406, Pinkpuppypot, Ruby91730, Coolray23, Missy4444, Justin89205, Marie13131, Peach26943, TigelLionape, Zolo Blade, James3333, Themaster23, Austin1807, Doubledufus1, Lauraiscool8, Mayahachi, Derpydonut12, Waddles20374, Luke47680, Zackmoon89, Mummapenguin, Penguin840, Soproxi, Pengiun9gty6, Dinobud111, Ckyootee, 07faith, Endyman1000, Flowers7770, Sheily Bug2. The Mystycal, Swag107, Swagninja44, Howslife101, Deropy, Bellalova, Jackleoh, Snowcheetah3, Mountaincool, Funny6oct, Jay115, Blackitems, Rainboburito, Bloom61149, Bengleaj, Frosty18005, Parteegirl21, Hax0705, Xxfalperxx, Rekook, Minecraft113, Rachel804, Hannah Simo, Powex92, Batflash100, Adie306, Makalo8you, Mrhyde1, Candykeeley, Drago Don, Ashleyrosey1, Xandercraig7, Kabido, Shoupy, Ninjakrom1. Legomovie101, Fireboy878, Portia11, Taci, Sqeep


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