Big Battle Vikings!

Hey Vikings! It’s your leader Crazy. I am here to inform you that we have a massive battle tomorrow against the Dark Warriors. We are in the semi final of this tournament. If we win we move onto the finals, we can do it. Remember promotions will be given out tomorrow if we win and do well. Times are below and Remember Be On CHAT 45 MINUTES EARLY.

Dark Warriors  vs Water Vikings

Server: Klondike

Date: Sunday, 1st November

Times: 8pm UK, 3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST



Happy Halloween – Break Day

Hey Water Vikings,

As you all probably know today is the 31st October, otherwise known as Halloween! Seeing as a lot of us will be dipping our heads in buckets of water for apples or going trick or treating there will be no events or battles today. Make sure to spend today with your friends and family and have a lot of fun! Events will resume tomorrow with our very important Champions Cup Semi-Final battle tomorrow at 8 PM UK/3 PM EST – make sure to be on at least 45 minutes early as this is one of our most important events in a while and if we reach impressive sizes promotions will be given out.

Happy Halloween to the #1 army!


Water Vikings Leader & Legend









Invasion of Ice Cold [RESULTS]

Hey Water Vikings,

Today we invaded another server from the Doritos empire- this time Ice Cold. Overall the event went pretty well, with average sizes of 32-33 and even maxing 37 at one point in the Rink, it’s just a shame the DCP don’t show up to any battles, maybe by the 1st November they will grow a pair! Read on for pics..

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November 1st is Near

Hello Water Vikings,

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Hall Of Fame: New Induction

For his dedication to the Water Vikings over several years and two successful leaderships, within our two most successful generations in 2013 and 2015 respectively, Change will be added to the Hall of Fame. He has shown his leadership skills within the past month and has sustained and escalated the success achieved within this generation. Change now joins a select group of six other leaders and troops on our prestige Hall of Fame. Congratulations Change!


WV Guardian

‘The Rise’? More like ‘The Lies’



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