New System – ALL VIKINGS READ!!!

Hey Water Vikings!

Myself and the rest of the leadership have decided to implement a more cutting-edge, organized, and fair way of rewarding you, the troops, accordingly for all your effort put into the army. What this newly formed establishment will consist of is the following:

  • Spreadsheet logging those who attend events

At the end of each month, the 3 troops who attend the most events will receive prizes such as promotions, xats, and maybe even Club Penguin membership codes! These are only for the top 3 active troops of the month, and the prize pool will depend on the quality of the average amount of troops we get per battle. The winning troop will receive the largest prize, as well as a Club Penguin event in their name!

  • Troop of the Week

Every week, the hardest working troop in the leaders’ opinion will be granted the title of ‘Troop of the Week’. The winner of the Troop of the Week award will receive temporary moderator on our chat for 48 hours (in the situation that they are a member), a promotion (in the situation that they are lower than the 5th highest rank), and have their name on the sidebar on the site! This title carries honor and prestige, and is something all troops should aspire for.

  • Monthly Promotions

Here at the Water Vikings, we are aware that we unorganized when it comes to ranking and promoting you when you truly deserve it. Therefore, we have decided that each month we will formally announce promotions and detail those who are worthy of being promoted. After being promoted a certain amount of times, you will eventually earn moderator, then owner, and maybe even some day, leader! We also hand out promotions for those who recruit other penguins into the Vikings and are active on our chat.

If you haven’t joined the Water Vikings, and want a crack at all these awesome prizes, why not join today!? CLICK HERE NOW!


Water Vikings Leader


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