My Final Message As Leader

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Here, my friends, is my final say.

I came to this army with a goal. The aim was not to have short-term success, but to build a legacy and to create the foundations of an army that can last for a long time. The Water Vikings have always been known as a ”summer army”, an army that was based upon hype and only to survive on returning leaders over the summer, such as myself, Dash, Bep and others. This had to be changed, my goal was to make the Water Vikings a serious army to be competitive all year around – and we are very close to achieving this.

We have risen from the very bottom, to now being in the top three every week and challenging for the top position. Our run in the Legends Cup was remarkable and I could not forsee what we achieved and we know, in our heart and heads, that we were the true victors of that battle. I felt far more proud in getting to the final with you, than I did with winning it the previous year in the Ice Warriors. To come from where we were, to hitting 80+ in the final, is sensational. I would like to thank every owner, moderator and troop that was there to help us get where we were and where we are now – you all deserve every accolade going.

I do not wish for this generation to be regarded as my work. While my return may have sparked the initial rise into the top ten, it is much the effort of every owner, leader, moderator and troop that pushed towards our goal of success. Our achievements should be remembered by the team effort, the effort to pull together and even through adverse problems, such as the alliance grouping together, knowing we can work together to get through it. Nothing will stop the continual effort of our army. 

In retirement, I will be on the Panel of Godfathers, alongside our creator Zakdude and fellow leader Bepboy, to make sure we stay on track. The current leadership team is incredibly strong, Bepboy, Stromae and Change are, undoubtedly, the three best UK leaders around. Tes also was a remarkable USA Leader alongside me in the Ice Warriors and, alongside the experience of Tymatt, they are rebuilding the USA Division into one that is close to matching that of the European Division.

They can be trusted, I ask you with my leave to support the leaders and owners that remain. Give them your full effort and support and do not let me down, the Water Vikings must continue to prosper. Show them the same loyalty that you showed to me.


Retired WV Leader & Main Advisor


4 Responses

  1. Bye funks ❤ Thank you for everything

  2. bye funks

  3. 😦

  4. I gotta say that you are really my close friend because you helped me a lot and l really like that Funks. You’re the most nicest person l ever seen during your last run in WV. I’m very sorry that l didn’t have time to keep on track and help an army while you were there. But guess what? I actually did – well that’s been almost a long time ago but I’m gonna return by December. Just gonna say that l was shocking to see you go, it’s not the best without you when l return Funks. We have great memories, even in ACP, Cpac and IW as well as WV and how much funny times you did in DW(mod)…

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