The Tide is Rising

Hello Water Vikings,

This month is infamous in our community for school starting back, and it is often dubbed the ‘September Depression’. Fortunately, yet not surprisingly, WV hasn’t been as badly impacted by this depression as certain other armies in this community. Currently we are the most consistent and our UK is most definitely unmatched in the community.

What is this success a result of? Hard work, determination, loyalty and recruiting. If YOU, the troops, want to get more involved in helping WV rise then there are a few things you could do. Instead of the usual duties of attending events and being on chat, if you have any friends who play club penguin you could invite them to join WV (this would result in a promotion for you) and seeing as the leaders recruiting penguins keep getting banned by moderators, if you ever have any free time on your hands it would be greatly appreciated if you made some extra recruiting penguins and gave them to the leaders!

Over the next few days we will be announcing some changes in the army and I can only see them as reasons for us to continue to strive and rise. We are very close to achieving what we want, but at the same time, if we stop now we will hit the bottom. Keep up the good work troops, and don’t forget about Friday’s 4 PM EST//9 PM UK event!



Water Vikings Leader & Legend


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  1. good post. keep up the good work guys


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