Jacks Retirement Post

No, I’m not retiring permanently, I may be back another time. Please continue reading to read the rest of this post. I’ll miss a lot of you.

First off, I’ll still be around from time to time hopefully, I didn’t want to make people feel left out since I’ve met so many people such as Scream, Katie and Bep since I returned to Ice Warriors all them months ago and met up with Funks, Mortico and the rest of the so called “Jack Pack”. Well anyways, I’ll address who I have something I want to tell them, for the rest of you, keep Water Vikings alive.

Funks: You’ve been a great leader, keep up the good work until you retired.

Mortico: Hopefully you’ll replace me as Leader In Training to keep Jack Pack in everyone’s memory in Water Vikings. Good luck!

To all the leaders: You’re all doing a great job, Water Vikings is doing 3 times as good as I expected it to do when we started, I bet Icey regrets couping us, haha.

To the owners: There has been a lot of good potential, and I’m not active enough to compete, I hope some people will benefit from my retirement and those people being you guys, take my position and do the job I know you will do!

To the mods: A lot of good potential, Terminator and Alex Pile to name a few aswell as some guys like IcyStorm or whatever his name is haha, you guys done a great job, good luck in your future in CP armies.

To the members: Hope you guys benefit from my beginner guides, hopefully someone like Mortico can takeover writing WVTT posts on the site to keep educating you guys, keep the good work up!


Water Vikings Leader In Training


13 Responses

  1. You will surely be missed, Jack. I can’t thank you enough for your efforts that you put in during your time in WV, and it’s a shame to see you go. Thanks for all those guides, it’ll be hard to find someone who makes as good as ones as you!
    Don’t be afraid to return one day if you find the time. Have a good life!

  2. Bye Jack 😦 Good luck!

  3. Bye Jack! Well not goodbye, more of a see you later! Because I know you will come back. Right? 😦

  4. Bye, Data! 😥

  5. wv greatest nation. good luck in life jack

  6. Goodbye, Jack. It was an awesome opportunity working with you. Good luck in life.

  7. To Funks, Kyle, Maid, Katie, and Ryan: Thanks for helping me leave IW to join the enemy army. I’m sure Andrew is feeling like a huge jerk.

  8. It’s sad to see you go. I’m glad that I was able to meet you. You are great and fun to have around.

  9. Thank you for following me to WV Jack, you were a great owner in both armies and I wish you luck.

  10. Jack, I’d like to thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into WV. Honestly, without the recruiting and leading you’ve done in this army, there’s no way we would’ve gotten first. For this, we all thank you. Good luck in life.

  11. You will definitely be missed man. Thanks for the memories. You are a great owner and an even better person. Hope to see you drop by every once in a while. Good luck Jack. 🙂

  12. It’s very sad to see you go Jack. Thanks for the memories we have done and the past in IW, and now WV. Jack, I’m sorry if you forgot me but guess what l left for a reason to stay out of things but l decided to return by December. I know it’s long but it worth it. Jack, lm gonna miss you, like l always do. We are best friends bro, we did so many shut things, sometimes it went bad times and sometimes it turned out to become good times.

    • Bye Kyle bro 😦

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