A Message to the NDA


As you all know by now, the Water Vikings are currently at war with a cowardly alliance who don’t have the stones to 1 v 1 WV so have to team up. Here is WV’s stance on the situation. You are all cowards, and you are everything that is wrong with this community. The Water Vikings will be choosing one army at a time from the NDA to battle with, the first being DW. The only invasions we will attend  are those from the Dark Warriors (No, I’m not delusional enough to state the others are invalid, but we are just ignoring them). We honestly don’t care if you want to invade 4 of our servers at the same time, because all we care about is winning the battles that we log on to- because THAT is what is going to show who the real strong army is in this scenario, not ‘strategically’ teaming up with other armies and invading servers at the same time.

You think taking away servers will weaken WV? WV only use servers as a basis of battles to reward whatever army wins, but so long as we are logging on to the battles against DW and so long as we are winning and showing that (sadly) we are one of few real armies in this community at the moment, we will be happy and we will most certainly continue rising.


Water Vikings Leader & Legend



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  1. 4 way gang bang. nda tryhard

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