The truth about the NDA


Badboy, you have apparently killed WV three times? Is that why SWAT died soon after you ‘killed’ us in those wars only to return 3 months later and repeat the same routine, which is almost as monotonous as your cycle of hopping between DW, SWAT and a few other armies. I respect that you said you have respect for me, but that is what I expect as I am me and you are you.

According to Mustapha, the Water Vikings are evil. However that is coming from the same guy that made fun of Drmatt’s late father and sacrificed his pet parrot to Satan.

There is only one army in that pathetic alliance of yours that could even have a shot at taking WV on in a war alone. The fact that you all have to team up to declare war on the Water Vikings is not only sad on your behalf, but also quite honorary to WV. Badboy, if we were as small as you claim we are in your posts then why must you need another army to assist you in battle against WV? Quite contradictory if you ask me (or anyone with a bit of common sense). This alliance just sums up the state of the community at the moment, only a couple of weeks ago Badboy was talking ill of Mustapha and literally begging me to get WV to enter the war on SWAT’s side. And how ironic the man at the helm of this alliance is the same one who criticised several armies for teaming up on DCP a few weeks ago- Mustapha himself.

I tried to stay away from making posts like this, but I feel like I just have to. Thank you really for giving me more of a reason to enlarge my ego by you guys having to team up with other armies to take on WV and if you think your alliance is some sort of genius idea, just wait until you see what WV has up our sleeves. Continue making your memes, continue hiding behind allies but it will only continue to show who the real army in this war is- the Water Vikings empire. Spam us with as many battles as you like, but whatever battles we show up to we will win. Now ladies and gentleman, to end this post, let’s have a bit of a throwback to the last DCP vs WV war with this image which seems more than perfect fitting for this situation.


Also, shoutout to my boys Badboy and Whatsup11 for totally not messing up DW after being given shots at leader! You have done yourselves proud!


4 Responses

  1. LOL

  2. This is the best, most prideful way to retaliate to the stupidity I’ve seen as of late and still be mature about it. Truth hurts NDA. Good post Bep.

  3. Lmao


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