[WVTT]How To Rise!

Now listen up here. The leaders lead the battles, make sure the tactics are right and they recruit new troops, the mods show the new troops how to be a good troop, they are the ideal “elite” members who are doing a great job. BUT the members win us the battles. We need a strong member base. Now, PLEASE don’t quit Water Vikings thinking you’ll never get a big rank. We’re in this now, together, brothers in arms. We will get to the top together, because together we are strong, YOU make the difference!

You have to be consistent, attend EVERY event in your timezone that is possible as this will help assure your timezone/group (UK, USA & AUSIA) is doing good. You are one of the important people for your timezone, you have to check the site daily, and attend events. If you can, attend TWO! This will help both groups and will ultimately make you on your way to becoming that elite rank of mod. Keep doing what we’re doing!

Now, just because the legends cup is over, doesn’t mean EVERYTHING is over. We’re better than RPF. We can just work harder next week and get to first on CPAC top 10. Just keep it up, and don’t give up.

Now, read the beginner guide. This will help you A LOT with becoming a better troop. We need to get top on CPAC.

Be on the chat aswell quiet a lot to try to help us recruit, and do more stuff such as set up event. This was just meant to be a short post. KEEP IT UP! The tide is rising Water Vikings.


Water Vikings Leader In Training


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