Onwards & Upwards

Hey Water Vikings,

As you all know the past few weeks have been pretty good for the Water Vikings, we made it to the final of the Legends Cup (which we ‘lost’, although picture evidence showing otherwise) despite being the under dog in almost all of our battles and just yesterday we maxed sizes of 75+ on CP with over 90 on chat. Making it to the Legends Cup Final is something not a lot of armies can say, but to put on a memorable performance with astonishing sizes like that is something very few armies can say, and I am more than extremely proud to say that I led than event. And every single person in this army should be extremely proud that they took part in that battle, a battle that hopefully in a couple of years time people will actually look back on and remember WV for putting on such a great performance. Well done.

However this is only the beginning of something great. With our new recruiting programme and the loyal dedication that our troops have been showing lately, over the coming weeks and months the Water Vikings empire will no doubt grow and we will dominate at a height of power which we have never experienced before. From here it is onwards and upwards.

See you in battle,


Water Vikings Leader & Legend




9 Responses

  1. PENIS in my bum

  2. wtf

  3. ily bep

  4. who cares wat those RPF says i still think u guys r the number 1 army to me

  5. ill be at your first battle see u their

  6. Good luck with that.

  7. Wow you guys are great! I will be coming back! 🙂

  8. yeah u got a point

  9. can u guys plz promote me ive never got promoted in my old army they dont promote me ive come to all their armies

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