Legends Cup Summary Speech

Hello Water Vikings,

So we may have lost the battle, but in our hearts we were the victors. However, that obviously will not change the fact that CPAC said RPF won, and we will take that. No matter what the result was, all of the leadership are incredibly proud of what we achieved. We maxed sizes of 80 on CP and had 90+ on chat. We were so big that in pre-battle we locked our own troops out of the room.

Everybody thought that we would lose in the Quarter-Finals, but we got all the way to the final. It is incredible to think of our rise. The week before the Legends Cup started, we were the lowest ranked army in the whole community – but now we reached the biggest sizes we have ever had in the Legends Cup Final and are second on the top ten. To reach the Legends Cup final itself is historic, and we came so close to victory.

Do not be down about this result, you did the army proud and yourselves proud. 


Water Vikings Leader


2 Responses

  1. its ok guys theres always next time

  2. i hope cpac gets cancer

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