[WVTT] Mod’s Guide To Club Penguin Warfare (HOW TO AUTOTYPE, HYPE & MORE)!

A slight spin-off on the beginner’s guide. This will firmly explain the important role that moderators play in club penguin armies. Hello moderators! You need to be learning to become an owner. Autotyping is crutial in your development… Like calcium is for babies xD. So… You must learn to autotype.

It’s not really just autotyping. It’s more on the side of welcoming new troops, hyping before events, you must copy what the owners do, and copy them well. Learn exactly what they do and try to mirror it. The only difference is, if an owner tells you to do something, you do it. You are learning the fundamental skills to becoming an owner. This is key in the development of your skills and the development of Water Vikings as a whole. We NEED you!

First off, you must treat every battle like it’s a legends cup final. Absolutely every battle should be the exact same… Persistent hyping, autotyping prior to the event, welcoming new troops, making sure everyone changes rooms really fast (even if it’s not a battle, it’s always good practice), etc.

Now, to hype an event you must call EVERYONE in Water Vikings to the chat, many of our moderators/members can be on xat but not on the chat. This is the first, and least important thing to do since not many people will be off the chat, but nonetheless, it’s still VERY important. The second most important way of hyping is to bump those who are AFK, make sure they wake up prior to the event, sometimes they might not hear the bumps, so keep trying, it’s important to hype it so that they won’t leave. The third, and most important, is to PREVENT people from leaving the chat and from going AFK, you don’t want anyone AFK and nobody should EVER leave the chat. Do this by having games such as typerace, message new troops and ask them if they are excited. Above all, just keep them on the chat at all costs. This is HIGHLY important.

To autotype you must download the autotyper. You can do this here: http://garyshood.com/rsclient Once downloaded, go to a popular room (with 5 bars) and go to somewhere like town which is also popular and try autotyping there. If you have more than one computer, then do it on both. The more the better! For lines PC an owner or else make your own up.

Okay so now we’re moving onto welcoming new troops. You have to be nice to them, explain simply how to join. Tell them it’s really fun, explain a bit how it works and redirect them to the beginner guide if necessary. The BIG mistake many people make is just welcoming the nulls, you must also welcome people from rival armies, allies, neutral armies, etc. EVERYONE should be welcomed and asked if they’d like to join the BEST army in club penguin. We have the Legends Cup coming up, explain to them this is the BIGGEST fight of the year and they should help us.

Now, it’s not necessary for people to mirror what leaders are saying. The only reason it’s ever done is because a lot of people don’t understand what’s an appropriate topic to be speaking about on the chat. If someone is talking about something which has nothing to do with the battle, warn them. If they continue, GAG them. Use the bot to do this or request and owner if you are not able to use the bot. When changing rooms, especially if it’s a competition, don’t talk. It’s unneccisary to be speaking at those times, everyone shall remain silent. Leave the football, trade and barbie doll talk until after the event.

It is okay to mirror what the leaders are saying to spam away off-topic comments, just make sure you’re doing the tactic yourself. Now, I think we are on the road to winning the Legends Cup Final. The owners are doing their bit. It’s down to the mods, you will shape the final result of this battle, YOU are the ones who we need now. mods and members, will you step up to the plate, or will you get lazy and lose a possibly once in a lifetime opportunity?


Water Vikings Leader In Training


2 Responses

  1. Great advice. I’ll step up to the plate, of course. 😉
    {Terminator aka Sugarsnaps15}

  2. great post.

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