Today Means Everything.

Hello Water Vikings, today, as you know, we are in the Final Four in the Legends Cup VI. This has been an unbelievable tournament for us, and this is the furthest we have ever gotten in the Cup. Today, and I’m not exaggerating this, is the most important battle in Water Vikings history. Today could truly turn the tide and our name as a Legends Cup Finalist, and if we win next week, maybe even Legends Cup Champion. These other armies, though, want it BAD. We have to want it more than every other army competing in this tournament. Today, we have to hype up the chat from the moment we wake up and get people excited for the battle. We have to get 50+ on Club Penguin today if we wanna win today. The fate of our army in this tournament relies on this one question: How bad do you want it? Watch this video below. Together, we can make



2 Responses

  1. this was some damn good motivation

    • glad you like it

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