[UK/US] Training Session [Results-08/03]

Ey Water Vikings, Today we logged onto the server Snow angel for a quick unscheduled trianing session. We did fantastic, averaging 36-37 and maxing 40 in the town. The size decreased after we went to the iceberg, averaging 32+. Tactics were awesome and this was a really good event. Don´t forget to attend the huge battle against COBRA tommorow, more details can be found > HERE <. Anyway read on for the pics and stuff!

COBRA is gonna get spanked tommorow.


Water Vikings Leader In Training


7 Responses

  1. I don’t know where u guys are… I’m on server Klondike and at the Town

    • Make sure you are on our chatroom during battles —> xat.com/wvofcp <— Make sure to attend our next battle!
      -water vikings commander in training

      • Ok. I was on the server and I found out you guys were at the iceberg so I joined you guys over there

      • Nice, are you on our chatroom right now?

      • I’m sorry but I’m not right now. I’m playing MC atm although I wasn’t sure who won (first battle I was in)

      • We won the battle.

      • With 45-50+? Cuz if we did, then I think everyone who participated in the war gets a membership for probably about a month or so

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